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3 Ways Martial Arts Can Boost Your Child's Confidence May 15, 2019

Scarsdale, Westchester
3 Ways Martial Arts Can Boost Your Child's Confidence, Scarsdale, New York

Every parent wants to see their child be happy, successful, and confident. However, if your child feels excluded or inferior to other kids, it’s hard to know how you can help build their self-esteem. Martial arts classes encourage a healthy body and they offer multiple benefits for your child’s confidence.

How Your Child Can Gain Confidence Through Martial Arts

1. Learn Discipline

martial artsThe moves required for martial arts may not come naturally to your child, and they’ll have to work hard to learn the basics. Regular practice will increase your child’s self-discipline, which benefits them in numerous ways. They will learn how rewarding it is to master something after much hard work. They’ll also develop the skills of self-monitoring and persistence, which will benefit them throughout their education and career.

2. Accomplish Goals

Jiu-jitsu, as with many other martial arts, ranks proficiency through a tier system of colored belts. Students start as a white belt, and can progress through multiple stages toward earning a green belt during their high school years. With each belt, there are four stripes that are awarded based on time, knowledge, behavior, and tournament performance. These levels give your child clear goals to work toward. As they climb the ranks, they’ll become more confident in other areas of their life.

3. Build Social Skills

Your child will be training in a group class, so they’ll have the opportunity to make new friends outside of the school setting. For naturally shy children, practicing in front of others will bring them out of their shell. Additionally, everyone in the class has a common interest in martial arts, so your child will have an easier time meeting new people. Many moves require two participants, so your child will learn how to coordinate and communicate with others more effectively.



If you want to encourage your child to be more active or confident, enroll them in classes at 914 Training Center. Based in Scarsdale, NY, they teach a blend of Ju-jitsu, Muay Thai, and Krav Maga. It’s a welcoming environment for everyone, from seasoned martial arts experts to beginners. To learn more about classes for you or your children, visit their website. Call (914) 437-5353 to enroll your child in a self-defense course. 

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