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What to Expect When Refinishing Hardwood April 16, 2019

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What to Expect When Refinishing Hardwood, Chesterfield, Missouri

Hardwood flooring is gorgeous and luxurious, but like any surface, it can sustain damage over time. In addition to occasional flooring repairs, there may come a time when refinishing is necessary. This process will restore your floor’s original aesthetic appeal. Here are three aspects of this service you should know about in advance to help you prepare. 

3 Factors of Floor Refinishing to Know

1. You May Need to Find Other Accommodations 

Plan to stay at a hotel or with family or friends during the process. Keeping your distance will limit the disruption to your daily life, especially if you’re having a large or central area of your home worked on. Leaving home for a few days will also ensure that the stain is allowed to set properly. Lastly, the products used to refinish the floors often contain at least a few volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which smell unpleasant and can be harmful to your health until they’re fully dried. Waiting a day or two for complete flooring repair will allow the area to properly ventilate to ensure your safety and comfort. 

2. It Will Get Dusty

flooring repairIntensive flooring repairs and refinishing can kick up dust. While skilled specialists will take pains to seal rooms, some motes may find their way throughout the house. Talk to your contractor so they can either help you with the cleanup or put up protective tarps in the other rooms that may be affected. While moving furniture is an obvious necessity so contractors can access your floors freely, you should also move all wall hangings and decor elsewhere to protect them from debris. 

3. You’ll Need to Restain 

The process of refinishing may remove any stain you previously applied to your floors. The good news is that this is the perfect opportunity to reapply the stain color you love or go in a new direction. Just make sure to consult with your flooring repair and refinishing team before the work begins. 


When you’re hoping to refinish your hardwood, it’s wise to work with an experienced expert like CarpetMasters Flooring in the Greater St. Louis, MO, area. Offering everything from flooring repairs, refinishing, and even completely new hardwood floors, the professionals have worked with this surface for over 25 years. To schedule a free home inspection, just call (636) 532-1311. Learn more about the rest of their extensive services, such as carpet cleaning, by visiting their website.

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