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How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Space April 16, 2019

Sixteen Mile Stand, Symmes
How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Space, Symmes, Ohio

If chosen wisely, your coffee table will quickly become the heart of your living room. Every space is different, so it’s helpful to understand how the parameters of your room affect the furniture that will fit. Here’s a closer look at four typical layouts and which kind of coffee table works best with each. 

4 Coffee Tables to Match Your Unique Space

1. Dark Spaces

If your living room doesn’t get much natural light and your furniture and walls are muted shades, invest in a glass or mirrored coffee table. The transparent surface will reflect available light, making the room feel brighter and larger.

2. Small Studiosfurniture

If the room is smaller, you’ll need a small piece of furniture. Add a petite round table to provide a surface that saves space and gives your guests more room to maneuver, all while tying the room together.

3. Narrow Rooms

When space is limited, don’t cut corners; stay away from round tables, which require a larger diameter to reach the same surface area as their square or rectangular counterparts. If your room is long enough, include two square coffee tables to infuse personality and versatility. 

4. Large Sitting Areas

If you have a wealth of space, use your sofa as a measuring stick. Ideally, this more traditional coffee table should provide a reachable surface for everyone sitting down. At the same time, it shouldn’t be exactly as long as the couch, which would make it difficult to stand up and move around it. 


When you’re hunting for the perfect coffee table, talk to the furniture mavens at BOVA Contemporary Furniture in Cincinnati, OH. The store has its roots in the sophisticated Scandinavian style of Denmark, where it opened in 1980. With an impressive array of modern pieces, you’ll be able to find the furniture that fits your space. To explore available inventory, call the family-owned company at (513) 247-9100 or visit their website. You can also take a virtual tour of the store.

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