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3 Japanese Water Features to Include in Your Garden April 22, 2019

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Japanese Water Features to Include in Your Garden, Honolulu, Hawaii

Japanese gardens are in-tune with nature and often include water and stones in their landscape. This style avoids artificial ornamentation and is a popular choice for private gardens and small spaces. No matter how many miles you live from Japan, there are several ways you can have a gorgeous Japanese garden design. Here are a few water features you should consider to get started.

3 Water Features for a Japanese Garden Design

1. Isa Bowl

A gorgeous moss rock boulder with a naturally eroded basin, the Isa Bowl is another beautiful water feature to include in your garden design. It’s 9” in height and 22” in width, so it’s sure to stand out in your backyard and create a peaceful presence.

2. Coin Basin

garden designShaped like a large, antique coin, this stone basin features a square water pool in the middle. Some coins have Japanese symbols on them that encourage contentment and frugality. This water feature is based on the Edo period coin, and it’s usually about 18 inches in diameter and 10 inches in height.

3. Forourou Basin With Rustic Guide Stone

Sculpted into a square shape with rounded corners, this stone basin is simple and formal, and it provides a soothing, tricking sound of water. The water feature is 14” in height and 14” in width, and the clean lines work well with modern garden designs.


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