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Can You Post Bail While Waiting for an Appeal? April 9, 2019

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Can You Post Bail While Waiting for an Appeal?, East Haven, Connecticut

If you’ve been accused of a crime, a bail bond will help secure your release until the conclusion of your trial. But what if you’re found guilty and plan to appeal your sentence? Can you post bail and wait for the results of your appeal at home, or do you have to start serving the sentence immediately? The answers to these questions depend on state law, the circumstances of your case, and the judge presiding over your trial. Here’s what you need to know. 

What to Know About Bail Bonds & Appeals

What Connecticut Law Says About Bail Pending Appeal

The laws governing whether a defendant can post a bail bond pending an appeal vary from state to state. Legislation in some jurisdictions forbids the practice in cases involving certain crimes or lengthy prison sentences, while others give judges almost complete discretion. Under Connecticut statutes, anyone convicted of a crime has a right to appeal the ruling to a higher court. Until the final adjudication of the case, the defendant remains under the court’s jurisdiction, where judges have ultimate authority to order bail or have the accused remanded to custody. Connecticut state laws don’t explicitly give courts the power to grant bail during appeals, but they also don’t specifically bar them from doing so. 

What the State Supreme Court Has Ruled on Bail Pending Appeal

bail bondsAside from laws created by state legislators, judges also rely on precedent, or rulings in prior cases, to make their decisions about bail. The Supreme Court of Connecticut has ruled that judges have absolute discretion on whether or not to allow you to post bail in these circumstances. The judge in your case may be less likely to let you out if you’re accused of a serious offense, but lesser charges are often bailable, especially if you have solid grounds for an appeal. Moreover, if you posted bail before your conviction, you may in some cases remain free until sentencing or through the appeal process. 


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