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5 Tips to Avoid Missing a Flight April 18, 2019

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
5 Tips to Avoid Missing a Flight, Brooklyn, New York

Missing a flight is one of the greatest fears of any traveler, but it can usually be avoided with some careful planning. To ensure you arrive at the airport on time, consider hiring airport transportation and packing your luggage well ahead of your trip, which will save you from scrambling on the day of the event. Here are some tips to help you avoid missing your flight.

How to Catch Your Flight Every Time

1. Plan to Arrive Early

airport transportationAirlines suggest passengers with luggage arrive at least 90 minutes before their domestic flight and 2 hours before an international flight. Give yourself an extra hour on top of the recommended times to accommodate for the unexpected, such as heavy traffic or a long line at security. 

2. Pack in Advance

To ensure you aren’t still packing by the time you have to get ready to leave, prepare your luggage at least one day in advance. Create a written checklist and mark off what you pack so you don’t have to rummage through your suitcase to ensure you didn’t forget anything.

3. Check In Online

The day of your flight, complete the electronic check-in process at home. This way, you can skip long lines at the airport counter and get to your gate more quickly. If there are problems with your ticket, the online check-in option can also alert you in advance so you can schedule extra time to sort it out.

4. Hire Airport Transportation

Avoid potential car troubles or the hassle of finding parking at a crowded airport by scheduling a car service for the day of your flight. Airport transportation drivers are familiar with the area and have extensive experience getting to them on time, so they can calculate exactly how much time you’ll need to arrive, then save you money on parking.

5. Pay Attention to Changes

Once you're at your gate, don’t forget to check the departure screens for information about your flight. Pay attention to any announcements over the PA system or changes about gate on the screens. You may have to move to a different gate without warning or your departure time may change, so stay on top of your scheduling until you’re safely inside the plane.


If you need airport transportation in the Tri-State Area, choose Brooklyn Radio Dispatcher. Since 1983, they’ve provided reliable transportation throughout Brooklyn, NY and the surrounding area, with a focus on safety, low prices, and customer satisfaction. For your convenience, they also offer a mobile app. View their rates online, then call (718) 384-4444 to schedule a pickup.

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