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What to Do Before Your Concealed Carry Training May 3, 2019

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What to Do Before Your Concealed Carry Training, Columbia, Illinois

Concealed carry training can help you better protect yourself and your family in a safe and approved way. These classes provide you with helpful tips and essential guidelines that you’ll need to make the most of the concealed carry laws in your state. Before you actually head to class, it can help to take a few simple preparatory steps that will make you more comfortable and confident throughout your training.

3 Top Ways to Prepare for Concealed Carry Training

1. Practice Your Skills

There is a shooting component to concealed carry training. While you don’t necessarily need to exhibit military-level marksmanship, it may help you to visit your local shooting range a few times prior to the training. This can help you at least get a feel for the basics, like how to shoot and load ammunition.

2. Research Different Firearms

concealed carry trainingDepending on where you take the course, you may not actually have to own a firearm to complete the training. You may be able to use a range gun for the shooting portion, but it is usually more beneficial for you to have your own weapon so your training is as relevant as possible. Before signing up, research different models and find the one that suits most of your needs. You may even want to visit a shop where you can hold each one to find the size, weight, and grip that is most ideal.

3. Speak With Your Instructor

Every specific course has different requirements. Some require you to bring your own ammo, while others provide it for purchase. Some prefer that you leave guns in the car until the shooting portion of the training. Some even have full materials lists that you should have access to upon signing up. If you’re not sure about any details, be sure to contact the range or instructor to get the details before showing up.


If you’re interested in concealed carry training, Shooter’s Firearms & Indoor Range can help. The Columbia, IL, shooting range offers a wide array of options for hobbyists and those interested in personal protection. In addition to CCW classes, the company also hosts shooting competitions and pistol leagues, and they have a wide array of firearms available for purchase. The team is extremely well versed in different models and in all the laws and training requirements that are relevant for gun owners. You can find details about the class online or call (618) 281-6393 to speak with a member of the team.

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