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A Guide to Planting New Trees in Your Yard April 9, 2019

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A Guide to Planting New Trees in Your Yard, Jessup, Maryland

Trees are a wonderful addition to any yard. They boost your curb appeal, clean the air around your home, and only become more beautiful with time. If you’ve decided to add some trees to your landscaping, it’s important to know when to have someone plant them and which species grow best in your climate.

What You Should Know about Planting New Trees

When to Plant

Trees should only be planted during certain times of the year. Extreme temperatures and harsh conditions, such as high heat or freezing weather, will kill a young and vulnerable tree. As a result, spring is an ideal time to plant; the weather is moderate. Many mature trees also drop their seeds for new growth this time of year. Additionally, more rain provides plenty of water for healthy growth, while the mild temperatures give the new tree time to establish itself before the summer heat.

The Best Species for Curb Appeal

landscapingPlant trees that work in your climate to ensure that they thrive and contribute to your curb appeal. In the Northeast, the dogwood, red maple, and elm species are popular landscaping options.

The dogwood is adorned with gorgeous white blossoms each spring, green leaves in the summer, and charming red berries in the autumn. The red maple is easy to care for, grows around 50 feet tall, and shoots up quickly. It is covered in red flowers in the spring and red leaves in the fall for a year-round burst of color. Elm trees provide shade with its umbrella-like crown and can grow up to 120 feet tall. They get three to six feet taller each year.


Whether you are planting new trees or caring for mature ones, you need a high-quality tree service to keep them beautiful and healthy. Columbia Tree & Lawn Service has been a trusted landscaping company for over 40 years. They offer everything from tree trimming to stump removal services throughout Howard County, MD. Contact them online or at (410) 740-5444 to request an estimate on their landscaping services.

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