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4 FAQ on Car Insurance & Auto Glass Repair May 2, 2019

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4 FAQ on Car Insurance & Auto Glass Repair, Rochester, New York

When the windows of your vehicle are damaged, you may be wondering if the problems will be covered by your vehicle insurance policy. Thankfully, auto glass repair claims are possible in many circumstances. Here are four questions that experts commonly hear about navigating the claims process. 

Common Questions on Insurance Coverage & Auto Glass Repair

What will insurance cover?

Most insurance companies will pay for windshield and window replacements if you have a comprehensive coverage plan with them. It may be covered by liability insurance if someone else is responsible for the damage. You may need a separate rider for full glass coverage, which will also pay for repairs. Each policy is different, so check with an agency representative about yours. 

How do deductibles work with auto glass? 

Some insurance companies will cover windshield repair completely and certain companies will even waive the deductible, depending on the size and circumstances of the damage. Again, review your policy or have your auto glass repair shop assist you with the details.

Will my premiums go up? 

auto glass repairMany glass claims are considered no-fault. That’s because damage typically isn’t caused by human error; instead, it’s the result of gravel or other debris that nick your windshield while you’re on the road. For this reason, insurance premiums typically don’t increase when you need repairs or replacements. If the repair is the result of an accident, however, your claim will most likely include other damage and depending on the finding of fault, your premiums could go up. 

Can I select my repair shop? 

You have the right to choose which auto glass repair company you want to complete the work. Insurance companies cannot force you to use their affiliates. Select a shop with stellar reviews and satisfied past customers. 


Serving the Greater Rochester, NY, area, FB Glass is the auto glass repair shop to trust. Every customer in their care receives personalized attention, useful advice, and top-notch workmanship. They also offer direct billing to insurance companies when necessary to streamline the process. To find out if you need windshield repair or replacement for cracks in your glass, call (585) 441-1209. For more on their auto glass repair services, visit their website.

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