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3 Smart Reasons to Choose a Limo Service Over a Taxi May 15, 2019

Inwood, Manhattan
3 Smart Reasons to Choose a Limo Service Over a Taxi, Manhattan, New York

At no other point in history have there been more transportation options than there are today. While this makes arranging a vehicle convenient, it can also make it hard to decide which is the best option for you. Hiring a limo service offers a number of unique benefits that other modes of transportation simply do not possess. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Benefits of a Limo Service Over a Taxi

1. Service

With a limo, you get first-class service from a transportation professional who understands both the rules of the road and the finer points of customer care. They are focused on your needs and getting you to the destination safely and with style. Also, you know upfront how much the ride is going to cost, so there's no constant monitoring of the meter required—meaning a more relaxed ride.

2. Cleanliness

limo service When you enter a taxi, you're taking a gamble the car will be clean, the surfaces hygienic, and the air breathable and free of offensive odors. With a limo service, great care is taken to provide a spotless environment for you to enjoy. And not only is attention paid to cleanliness, but the condition of the car is a high priority as well. You won't find ripped seats, cracked windows, or broken seatbelts in a limo.

3. Amenities

With a cab ride, there will be no frills or amenities to enhance your ride experience. With a limo, the service is all about you. Stretch out and relax, listen to music, make phone calls, or just watch the world go by in air-conditioned comfort.


The next time you need transportation, experience the benefits of a limo for yourself. Whether you need a ride to the airport or special occasion transportation, First Class Car & Limo Service offers luxury rides to the New York City area. They also provide access-a-ride services to individuals with disabilities. To schedule a car, contact them today by calling (212) 304-1111 or visiting their website. You can also download their app to your mobile device via iTunes or Google Play.

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