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How Can I Get Clearer Ice Cubes? April 12, 2019

Campbellsville, Taylor
How Can I Get Clearer Ice Cubes?, Campbellsville, Kentucky

From the glass of cold soda on that fast food restaurant ad to the icicles that form on the eaves, you’ve likely seen crystal clear ice before. So how come the ice from your commercial freezer never looks that pristine? Clear ice is a product of a slow, gradual freezing process, in which layers of moisture build upon each other over time. Cloudy or white ice is caused by a quick freezing process, which traps these particles inside the cubes. If you’re hoping to enjoy cleaner, clearer cubes from your ice maker, use the following tips to your advantage.

How to Get Clearer Cubes From Your Ice Maker

1. Descale Your Ice Maker

Over time, calcium deposits, or scale, will buildup inside your ice maker, along the walls and channels that ice travels through. This is one of the minerals that can get trapped inside your ice and make it look more white than transparent. Luckily, descaling treatments can clear up your ice and protect the parts that make it by eliminating built-up scale. If you can’t find a descaling agent made just for your machine, you can use household vinegar instead.

2. Swap Out the Filter

ice makerJust like your HVAC system, your ice maker makes use of a charcoal filter, which traps impurities so they don’t end up melting into your glass of water. Some ice makers feature filters which also catch volatile organic compounds, or stop bacteria reproduction. Over time, these filters will fill up with unwanted particles, and they need to be replaced to avoid re-entering the ice. Your ice maker’s manual should offer insight as to how frequently a switch is needed, but you can plan on doing so at least twice a year.

3. Slow Down the Freezing Time

In addition to keeping cloud-causing minerals out of your ice maker, you can also manipulate the color of your ice by slowing down the freezing time. Some commercial ice makers might allow you to dial in or automate the temperature, and this situation is ideal for businesses who need clear ice on a regular basis. If not, you can slow down the freezing time by placing an open cooler inside your commercial freezer and filling it with ice cube trays and water. When it’s frozen through, leave it outside of the freezer for about an hour, then use a knife and mallet to separate the blocks.


If you’re eager to enjoy clearer ice, Campbellsville’s Commercial Refrigeration of KY can help. They have over three decades of experience tending to appliances in restaurants and other businesses. Whether you’re dealing with a dirty filter or a clog, they offer 24/7 emergency service, so your equipment doesn’t have to interfere with your reputation. To learn more about their work, visit the website, or call (270) 465-2910 to speak with a representative about ice maker maintenance.

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