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Why Choose GatorBar™ Over Standard Steel Rebar? April 15, 2019

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Why Choose GatorBar™ Over Standard Steel Rebar?, Ewa, Hawaii

If you work in the construction industry, you know that laying surface and foundations is a painstaking, yet crucial, start to any successful build. When it comes to pouring concrete, most crews rely on steel rebar to create a grid for the thick substance to settle around. However, Neuvokas® is making waves with their GatorBar™ rebar, which serves as a viable alternative for conventional steel. If you’re unfamiliar with this revolutionary product, consider the following reasons why it’s worth trying.

3 Reasons to Choose GatorBar Over Conventional Steel Rebar

1. Corrosion-Free

GatorBar is a fiber-reinforced polymer rebar, which means it’s made from synthetic organic materials, not steel. As you know, standard steel rebar rusts over time when exposed to water and air, eventually expanding and cracking the concrete that envelops it. Since GatorBar is made of polymers, it won’t corrode. Therefore, the use of this alternative rebar will extend the life span of concrete structures, such as patios and parking lots.

2. Time-Efficient

GatorBar’s unique composition makes it incredibly lightweight. A bundle of GatorBar weighs 47 pounds while a bundle of steel rebar would weigh over 300. This means that a single construction worker can handle the same load that would normally require a small team, speeding up projects exponentially. This material stretches more than steel and immediately bounces back so that it can be stepped on or driven over during the concrete pouring process.

3. Quality Manufacturing

Consumers and contractors aren’t solely concerned with the aesthetic results of a project. They also value the quality of the materials used to bring it to life. GatorBar is made in the United States from environmentally friendly basalt fibers, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint. It’s also Cradle to Cradle Certified™, meaning it meets product standards and is constantly being improved.


If you’re searching for a quality product that’s environmentally responsible, efficient, and long-lasting, get your GatorBar from Paul Kane at Aloha Marketing Manufacturers Representatives in Ewa Beach, HI. Representing Neuvokas® Corporation, this local company has over 30 years of industry experience and is proud to market manufacturers in Hawaii and on the mainland. View their construction products online, or call (808) 537-2811 to speak with a team member.

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