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3 Tips for Successfully Showing Livestock April 8, 2019

Seventy-Six, Washington
3 Tips for Successfully Showing Livestock, Seventy-Six, Iowa

Showing cattle can be enormously rewarding. With hard work and training, it can lead to many successful show ring appearances. However, there’s more to showing livestock than merely grooming the animal. Here are a few factors that make the difference for the most qualified and well-performing show animals.

What Makes a Successful Show Animal?

1. Develop a Relationship

No one knows your show animal better than you do. Given the amount of time you spend together, it’s important to establish a connection that makes it easier for cattle to trust you. Take it slow, be patient, and allow the animal to recognize that you’re someone they can respect. Being compassionate is key, both when you’re training and showing livestock. Once that bond is in place, your animal will be more responsive to your cues, whether you’re gently teaching them to lead or presenting them in the show ring.

2. Promote Proper Nutrition

showing livestockA nutritious diet ensures that your cow looks healthy and vibrant. Your first step is to invest in a system that provides your animal with consistently fresh feed. Since cows have different nutritional needs based on their sizes, it’s important to feed an appropriate mix that contains enough protein to support their weight. Feed supplements might also be necessary to build muscle mass, promote a healthier appearance, burn fat, or fill in any nutritional gaps in the cattle’s diet.

3. Practice Smart Grooming

Your animal must look its best to make a positive first impression. In addition to maintaining a clean, clipped coat, it’s also important to brush the tail, clean white spots so that they stand out, and trim the hooves. For the best results, make sure to clip hair at least 48 hours before the show day so that you can perform any minor fixes as needed. Make sure you have the right livestock equipment in your arsenal, including clippers and blades, supplements, feeders and waterers.


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