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4 Tips for Relieving Eye Allergies April 8, 2019

4 Tips for Relieving Eye Allergies, ,

Itchiness, redness, dryness—these are just a few of the uncomfortable symptoms you’re no doubt familiar with if you have eye allergies. As spring weather sets in, you may find the situation worsening. If you’ve tried over-the-counter drops and are still seeking help from your eye doctor, try these tips while you wait for your appointment.

4 Steps to Mitigating Eye Allergies

1. Avoid Allergens

Your local weather service likely provides a daily pollen count in the spring and fall months. On days when the numbers are especially high, stay inside if possible. Vacuum rugs and wash bedding regularly to decrease dust, animal hair, and mites—all of which can trigger allergies. As it heats up, keep your windows closed and run the air conditioning to stay cool. Window fans draw in debris, so utilize your in-home cooling system or ceiling fans instead.

2. Wear Glasses

eye doctorContact lenses will get bits of dust and pollen stuck to them, trapping them in your eye and exacerbating symptoms. Opt for glasses instead. Wear sunglasses outdoors, too; they offer a protective barrier between you and particles circulating in the air.

3. Prevent Excess Humidity 

If the air in your home is too damp, mold—another common trigger—is likely to grow. Maintain humidity at less than 50%. Get a dehumidifier if needed, especially for damp basements. 

4. See Your Eye Doctor

If over-the-counter eye drops and preventive measures aren’t enough, see your eye doctor for help combating allergies. Prescription drops, oral antihistamines, and artificial tears can all help. For severe cases, they may recommend corticosteroid drops or immunotherapy shots.


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