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What is the Graston Technique®? April 15, 2019

Aiea, Ewa
What is the Graston Technique®?, Ewa, Hawaii

Everyone requires a unique care plan when recovering from an injury. This is why physical therapists employ a variety of techniques to treat injuries, chronic pain, and other mobility issues. The Graston Technique® is one of these methods. Specifically, it uses specially designed tools to deliver a more intense form of manual therapy. This guide will break down the basics of the Graston Technique® and how it might fit into your treatment plan.

What to Know About The Graston Technique®

What Is The Graston Technique®?

When performing the Graston Technique®, physical therapists use a series of tools and movements to mobilize your soft tissue. The clinicians will use these tools (which are generally made of steel) to find muscle knots and scar tissue in your body. They will then break up the knot or scar tissue and gradually restore mobility to the region. This technique is often used before or in conjunction with other physical therapy treatments.

What Are The Benefits?

When a physical therapist applies the Graston Technique®, the patient generally recovers from their injury more quickly. Most treatments take four to five weeks. If muscle knots, scar tissue, and similar restrictions are the cause of a patient’s pain, they may find long-term pain relief from this treatment. It’s important to remember that each patient will require a unique treatment plan and have their own experience with the Graston Technique®, so it’s essential to discuss your progress with your physical therapist and follow their recommendations closely.

Who Is a Candidate For This Technique?

physical therapistWhile a physical therapist will determine whether this treatment is right for you, there are some groups of patients who may benefit from the Graston Technique®. If you are recovering from an injury like a neck strain, tennis elbow, shin splints, rotator cuff injury, or hamstring strain, you might find relief from this treatment. Various types of pain may also respond well to the Graston Technique®. Your physical therapist will track your progress carefully and employ other therapeutic methods when needed. 



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