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3 Effective Ways to Avoid Springtime Allergies April 10, 2019

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3 Effective Ways to Avoid Springtime Allergies, Thomasville, North Carolina

Oak trees and other plants throughout North Carolina release an abundant amount of pollen each spring. This usually leads to uncomfortable allergy symptoms for many residents, including watery eyes, runny noses, and itchy throats. These seasonal issues cause people to stay indoors and run their HVAC systems to stay comfortable, but there are other ways you can alleviate symptoms.

3 Tips for Reducing Allergies in the Spring

1. Monitor Pollen Count

The pollen count varies by day, which means some days will trigger symptoms faster than others. Before you head outdoors each day, check out the local pollen map online. This digital map displays the daily pollen counts and allergy levels for your area. With this tool, you can properly prepare yourself if you have to travel outdoors, and it will also alert you to days you should stay indoors to avoid more debilitating allergy symptoms.

2. Change Air Filters

HVACYour HVAC system plays an integral role in maintaining good indoor air quality and minimizing allergy symptoms while at home. When your HVAC unit is running, the air inside the house circulates through the system’s air filter, which traps allergens like pollen and dust. Keep your indoor air clean and free of airborne irritants by regularly changing the filter—ideally every two to three months. This action will also help your heating and cooling units operate more efficiently because they won’t develop clogs from excessive debris.

3. Clean Often 

It’s easy to accidentally track pollen indoors. Whether it’s stuck to the bottom of your shoes or it comes in from an open window, the pollen will settle on surfaces and become embedded in upholstery and carpeting unless it’s quickly removed. To combat this issue, you should frequently vacuum, change bedding, and dust surfaces throughout the house. You should also use a dryer for clothing instead of an outdoor clothesline because the pollen can attach to the damp garments as they dry.


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