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5 Practical Reasons for Adults to Use Fidget Toys April 8, 2019

Milford city, New Haven County
5 Practical Reasons for Adults to Use Fidget Toys, Milford city, Connecticut

Contrary to popular belief, fidget toys aren’t just for children. While kids might enjoy them as fun playthings, they can also be helpful for adults. Whether you use them at work or at home, here are five reasons to pick up one to carry with you or keep on your desk.

Why Adults Use Fidget Toys

1. Focus Aid

Even with medication and treatment plans in place, individuals with ADHD may find themselves restless and unable to focus on tasks. Fidget toys offer your hands an outlet for excess energy, giving you a chance to shift your attention back to your work. ADHD studies demonstrate that both children and adults perform better when they have a quiet object to play with.

2. Stem Bad Habits

Poor habits like excessive nail biting, hair pulling, stress eating, and smoking will harm your health. Having a fidget toy may not be a complete cure-all, but many people find them to be effective substitutes that help wean them off of their vices. When you feel antsy or your cravings are triggered, reach for the toy instead to keep your hands busy. 

3. Stress & Anxiety Relieffidget toys

Stress and anxiety are debilitating mental health issues that often require several different treatments to manage. Many people who suffer from panic attacks or other symptoms find relief through interactions with small, mundane objects that ground them in the present. The relaxing effect of fidget toys will help take your mind off of your concerns, giving you a chance to calm down.

4. Chronic Pain Distraction

If you suffer from chronic pain, you’re likely always looking for ways to distract yourself from the discomfort. The brain can only focus on so many sensations at once, so use those limitations to your advantage. Even the smallest physical distractions, like spinners, putty, and bubble-based desk toys, can help you shift your attention. 

5. Novelty

Even if you don’t necessarily need it, having a fun, quiet, and visually appealing toy on your desk can boost morale. The object will be there when you need a break or to help you get your creative juices flowing. It can even help with office bonding, whether it serves as a conversation piece or a shared interactive experience. 


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