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3 Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy April 15, 2019

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3 Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy, Honolulu, Hawaii

Sports massage therapy is a powerful resource for athletes who want to stay on top of their game. It’s beneficial for athletes of all skill levels, and its reported benefits are both mental and physical. Athletes can make use of sports massage therapy during training, before and after sports events, or for rehabilitation after an injury. Below are three benefits from sports massage therapy that will boost athletes’ performances and keep them healthier.

3 Reasons Athletes Should Get Massage Therapy

1. Prevent Injury

Studies have found that one of the best ways to prevent musculoskeletal injury in athletes is to build strong and flexible muscles. Sports massage can help athletes achieve this. By manipulating the muscle, a massage therapist can help an athlete control the toning and building of their muscles. Sports massage therapy decreases tension in the muscle and encourages blood flow to the area, which brings key nutrients such as protein to the muscle for strengthening.

2. Increase Flexibility & Range of Motionmassage therapy

Stiff muscles are common after training or performing, and proper stretching and massage are the best ways to prevent these issues. Massaging the muscle elongates the fibers, making the athlete more flexible and affording them a larger range of motion. Studies have found that this increased flexibility boosts performance and helps prevent sports injury.

3. Stress & Pain Relief

Massage therapy is often used for pain management and stress relief. Studies have shown that after a session, people have an instant decrease in their pain levels. This in turn helps relax them, relieves stress, and improves their quality of sleep. It leaves athletes feeling more refreshed and ready to push themselves.


If you’re interested in helping athletes recover from injuries or strive for peak performance, consider massage therapy training at Hawaii Massage Academy in Honolulu, HI. Here you’ll be trained by experienced, licensed therapists in an array of techniques so you can trust you’ll be prepared for your exams. Contact the massage school online or at (808) 946-8878 to talk about joining a program.

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