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3 Dangers of a Clogged Grease Trap April 10, 2019

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3 Dangers of a Clogged Grease Trap, Corbin, Kentucky

Every commercial kitchen has a grease trap to keep their plumbing clear and their restaurant clean. These essential devices catch grease and food waste so they can be safely disposed of without clogging drains. Chefs and managers know that routine grease trap cleaning keeps the disposal system functioning properly, but failure to schedule service could lead to some unpleasant consequences.

Consequences of Skipping Your Grease Trap Cleaning

1. Plumbing Obstructionsgrease trap cleaning

As the trap does its job, it fills up with grease and other solids. Over time, the grease trap and the plumbing beyond will get clogged with accumulated sludge. This blocks proper drainage, eventually resulting in backups into your kitchen.

2. Bad Smells

Food waste products are perishable and smell over time, so effective waste disposal is imperative for a stink-free kitchen. A buildup of grease and scraps in your trap will transport odors through your plumbing and into your kitchen, irritating employees. Customers may even catch a whiff, which will negatively impact your business. Diners don’t appreciate unpleasant smells during their meal, and no one wants to work in an unsanitary environment.

3. Fire Hazards

Grease is flammable. It can spark grease fires, which cannot be put out by normal means such as water, making them difficult to control. Keep your grease levels as low as possible, or you could have a rapidly spreading fire on your hands. Routine grease trap cleaning will minimize your risk of fire, leaving your employees and customers safer while protecting your investment.


A great grease trap service will keep you on schedule with services that don’t break your budget or interfere with your business. The team at Cox’s Septic Service offers a full range of septic system services, from sludge removal to grease trap cleaning. They are known for their budget-friendly prices and efficient service for businesses and homes of all sizes. Contact them online or at (606) 528-4782 to discuss your waste management needs.

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