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3 Tips for Alleviating Vaper's Tongue June 16, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
3 Tips for Alleviating Vaper's Tongue, Hilo, Hawaii

There are many exciting aspects to vaping, from easing into a nicotine-free life to learning flashy tricks to share with your friends. However, one of the few disadvantages is a side effect known as “vaper’s tongue.” This term refers to taste bud fatigue caused by repeatedly inhaling the same flavor, causing your perception of other tastes (including those of foods and drinks) to change or subside. If you’d like to continue enjoying your vape without this side effect, take advantage of this guide.  

How to Get Rid of Vaper’s Tongue

1. Switch Up Your Flavors

The e-liquid market is full of a wide range of tantalizing flavors, from refreshing fruity concoctions to indulgent tastes like honey or cappuccino. These bold flavors are exciting to inhale, but used over and over again, they can start to become overpowering. If you feel like your berry e-liquid is getting in your way of enjoying other flavors in your life, such as a crisp apple or a juicy steak, try switching up your vape juice. After a few weeks of alternating, you can come back to your favorite e-liquid with a renewed appreciation for the taste.

2. Drink Water

vapingWhile constant vaping can lead to this side effect, it can be exacerbated by dehydration, leading to dry mouth and magnifying the taste of the e-liquid residue on your tongue. To cleanse your palate, make sure you’re drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. In some cases, upping your water intake might eliminate vaper’s tongue altogether.

3. Brush Up on Dental Hygiene

Although vaping is considered healthier than smoking due to the adjustable nicotine levels, it still introduces much more to the palate than someone who doesn’t smoke or vape. With this in mind, it’s important to stay on top of your dental hygiene routine to clear away residual e-liquid vapor. Brush your teeth at least two to three times a day, and use a tongue scraper to get rid of lingering residue on your taste buds. You might also want to use mouthwash to remove buildup from hard-to-reach places.


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