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3 Benefits of Kayaking April 18, 2019

North Shore, Waialua
3 Benefits of Kayaking, Waialua, Hawaii

Although the kayak was invented by the Inuit peoples living in Arctic regions, it’s now extremely popular all over the world, even in tropical areas like Hawaii. If you’re traveling to the Aloha State, consider scheduling a guided kayaking tour of a river to explore the island’s natural beauty.

3 Reasons to Go Kayaking

1. Get a Workout

Although kayaking is low impact, it’s a terrific way to burn calories. This activity strengthens your core and arm muscles and tightens your chest and belly. Core strength makes daily activities like putting on shoes or lifting boxes easier. It also promotes good posture. Running and other sports take their toll on your knees, while kayaking doesn’t, allowing people with knee or leg injuries can enjoy the activity.

2. See Local Plants

kayakingWhen you kayak with your family on a guided tour, you’ll enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. You’ll see exotic, colorful flora, Hawaiian sea turtles laying on the banks, and paddle past stunning, sparking waterfalls.

3. Relax & Enjoy

In a kayak, you can travel upriver to places vehicles can’t access and leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind. You’ll experience peace and tranquility while gliding over the water and steering a bend in the river. Moreover, aerobic exercise has been shown to improve mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It also floods your body with feel-good chemicals, like dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.


To plan a kayaking adventure and experience these benefits, contact Tsue’s Farm in Haleiwa, HI. They’ve been serving Oahu’s North Shore since 2013 and offer several fun activities for your family. You can rent kayaks and paddleboards, and the kids can watch and feed a variety of farm animals. There’s even a cafe on site where you can enjoy shave ice and plate lunches in the shade. Visit their website to view location details and business hours, or call (808) 744-5428 to schedule your adventure.

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