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5 Ways to Use Sand in Landscaping April 12, 2019

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
5 Ways to Use Sand in Landscaping, Cincinnati, Ohio

Sand is a versatile material that can transform an unused part of your outdoor property from boring to beach-like or chaotic to calming. With a bit of elbow grease and some imagination, sand will make a dramatic impact on your landscape, adding to its beauty and functionality. Here are some sand landscaping ideas to consider before calling your sand supplier for a delivery.

How to Incorporate Sand Into Your Landscaping

1. Base and Fillers for Pavers

Because sand compacts easily, contractors use it as a foundation for landscaping projects like walkways or patio pavers. In other cases, you can use it to snap a chalk line to create a layout for laying down bricks or pavers faster. When mixed with a polymeric additive, sand can be poured in the spaces and joints between pavers to keep the walkway stable and less likely to shift or break.    

2. Zen Garden

The idea behind Zen gardens is to create a peaceful space for meditation. Typically made up of sand, gravel, and larger stones to represent the water and land, a Japanese-inspired garden characteristically lacks plants but can still become your landscape’s focal point. Raking the garden’s sand or gravel mimics the flowing movement of the sea, while boulders and rocks represent unmoving land and earth formations.    

3. Play Area

sand supplierIf your landscape includes a play area, use sand to cover the ground. Most sand suppliers have the play variety, which is safe for kids because it doesn’t contain silica. Because of its soft texture, play sand is spread over surfaces used for sports like volleyball. Or, you can have your very own seaside getaway by filling up an area of your land with play sand.  

4. Landscape Edging

Flower beds make attractive highlights for your landscaping. But to ensure that their edges won’t erode over time, use a bit of sand to act as a boundary. Not only does it protect your landscaping, but it also makes the beds look neater and better defined. Don’t forget to ask your sand supplier what type is ideal for mixing with garden soil for better drainage in your landscape.

5. Hardscape Features

Because fill sand is coarse, it’s typically used underneath pavers. However, it also has other uses and can be blended with concrete to form hardscape features like sturdy pathways, stone steps, garden edging, and even seats for outdoor spaces.


When you need high-quality sand for your landscaping, look no further than Ashcraft Sand & Gravel. As the leading sand supplier in Cleves, OH, they offer an extensive range of landscaping aggregates, such as limestone and gravel, to countless clients throughout the Tri-State. Learn more about their services on their website, then call (513) 367-5700 to schedule sand delivery.

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