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5 Benefits of a Sump Pump April 15, 2019

5 Benefits of a Sump Pump, Maui County, Hawaii

sump pump directs excess water away from your house through a wastewater drain or discharge pipe. Typically installed at the lowest point of your home, like the basement or crawl space, it turns on when water in its reservoir rises to a certain level. Because of its functionality, a sump pump is an invaluable appliance for homes, particularly if your house is located in an area with a high water table or a place that’s prone to flooding. Below are five reasons to install one.

5 Advantages of Installing a Sump Pump

1. Prevents Flooding

Rising water levels in your home due to heavy or prolonged rain can damage your flooring, furnishings and other household items. Even if you have flood insurance, the damage could still be costly. Flood waters could also make your home unsanitary and unlivable, requiring extensive cleaning that could take weeks. By directing accumulated water away from your house, a sump pump can help you avert flooding and its damaging effects.

2. Minimizes Mold Growth

sump-pumpMold and mildew thrive in damp areas like your basement. They can grow on walls, ceiling tiles, carpets, and wooden furniture, creating a health hazard for home occupants. Suppress their growth by keeping these spaces dry with a sump pump. 

3. Reduces the Risk of Electrical Fires

Although it may seem contradictory, flooding inside the home can start fires. When electrical appliances like washing machines and water heaters are exposed to water, they are likely to short-circuit, which can cause household fires. With a sump pump, you can minimize the risks and hazards from water intrusion.

4. Protects the Foundation

Aside from preventing flooding, a sump pump also protects your foundation against water damage. Water that seeps through the cracks of your home’s foundation eventually weaken it and compromise your home’s structural integrity. A sump pump can carry excess water away from your home’s foundation.

5. Increases Property Value

The benefits of protecting your home against flooding and water damage are two-fold: cost savings and better home value. A home with dry interiors can fetch a better value in the market, as compared to one with a leaking basement. Moreover, you don’t have to spend money for cleanups or repairs because of water damage.



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