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A Guide to Spring Tick Control April 5, 2019

Brookfield, Fairfield County
A Guide to Spring Tick Control , Brookfield, Connecticut

Unlike other pests which primarily harm plants and structures, ticks are a health hazard to humans as well as animals. Fortunately, you can protect your home and household members this spring with tick control. Below is a guide detailing why spring is the best time for tick control and what it entails. 

Why is It Best to Treat Ticks in Spring?

tick controlSpring is the best time to treat your home for a variety of pests, including ticks. During the winter, many insects are dormant. They re-emerge in the spring and reproduce. Ticks, in particular, lay their eggs in March and April. Later in the spring, larvae emerge and feed before morphing into nymphs. At the nymph stage, ticks feed on larger mammals like dogs and humans before morphing again into adults in the fall.

These pests can carry illnesses such as Lyme disease, which can affect dogs as well as humans and lead to severe symptoms. Treating your home in the early spring reduces your risk of an infestation and can help keep your family and pets safe for the rest of the year.  

What is Tick Control? 

The first step to spring tick control is determining how much of a threat ticks are on your property. A pest control professional will perform a tick drag, which involves rubbing a porous fabric over the yard. Ticks usually reside on vegetation and grab onto passing animals which they’ll feed on. As the material moves, they’ll hold onto it, allowing the pest control professional to see how many ticks are on your yard.

Afterward, they’ll spray the perimeter of the yard to create a tick-killing barrier. To protect your landscape and household members, and preserve the environment, organic tick applications are best. This involves using natural ingredients such as cedar oil which don’t harm vegetation or animals. 



If you’re a Fairfield County, CT, resident, turn to A to Z Property Maintenance, LLC, for safe, organic tick control. Based in Brookfield, CT, this pest control and lawn maintenance company is one of the area’s most trusted sources for eco-friendly landscaping and pest elimination. This spring, when you purchase five tick control treatments, you’ll get one free. Call (203) 775-9174 to schedule a service or visit the website to learn more about their tick control experience. 

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