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5 Benefits of Summer Recreation for Kids April 9, 2019

Middlebury, New Haven County
5 Benefits of Summer Recreation for Kids, Middlebury, Connecticut

When school gets out this year, what will your kids do for the coming months? Instead of sitting on the couch watching TV or saying, “I’m bored!” on repeat, enroll your children in summer recreation offerings like camp. These programs are entertaining and educational and offer many benefits. Here are five your family can gain.

Summer Camp and Recreational Programming Offers These 5 Plusses 

1. Skill Building

When searching through potential camps, search for one themed around something your kids are interested in. From tennis to swimming, there are many niche options available that will facilitate skill building in specific areas. At these programs, campers will learn how to kick, dive and serve while fostering a love of the activity at hand.

2. Socialization 

Children reach many developmental milestones in primary and secondary school, and socialization plays a key role in these learned behaviors. Attending camp provides kids with opportunities to make friends and interact with their peers outside of traditional school and childcare settings. There, they’ll learn how to cooperate, collaborate and take criticism from these interactions — all skills that will carry on into their educational, personal and professional lives. 

3. Independence

camp New Haven County CTSpending time away from home promotes independence in kids. It’s critical that children learn how to go out into the world by themselves at a young age to encourage confidence and show them they’re capable of navigating decision-making without your immediate support.

4. Structured Play

Camp offers many learning opportunities through structured play. From gamification — making education into fun activities — to competitions and races, there are ample ways kids can gain new skills, make friends and foster independence by playing. 

5. Physical Activities

Many children wouldn’t get much exercise during the summer if it weren’t for camp and recreational programming. Taking swim lessons and joining tennis club encourages kids to raise their heart rates while improving strength, flexibility and stamina. Your kids can also benefit from these offerings by gaining better balance and coordination as well as maintaining a healthy weight.


If you’re interested in signing your children up for summer camp contact Edgewood Bath & Tennis, LLC in New Haven County, CT. Their unique members-only club features a 25-yard heating swimming pool, tennis courts and rental space for gatherings. Call the Middlebury fitness club at (203) 528-0231 to learn about their membership options or visit the website for information on their passionate, experienced coaches, lessons and kids programming.