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4 Ways a New Roof Increases the Selling Price of Your Home May 3, 2019

Quinnipiac Meadows, New Haven
4 Ways a New Roof Increases the Selling Price of Your Home, New Haven, Connecticut

Most people putting a house on the market are willing to make upgrades to boost the selling price and attract buyers. While new kitchens and fresh paint are popular options, few investments will positively impact your property value more than installing a new roof. Below are a few reasons to call a roofer if you’re planning on listing your home for sale.

4 Ways a New Roof Increases Property Value

1. Enhances Curb Appeal

rooferThere is no overstating the importance of curb appeal when selling your home. Along with refreshing the lawn and painting the shutters, installing a new roof will make your house look more appealing. It will entice potential buyers to get out of their cars and come inside.

2. Avoids Inspection Issues

If your roof is older, the home inspection may uncover roof leaks or other issues that could cause buyers to renegotiate the price or abandon the sale entirely. With a new roof installed by an experienced roofer, you can go into the inspection with confidence.

3. Increases Energy Efficiency

Many roofers today offer advanced materials that offer excellent insulation and improve the energy efficiency of your home. Many buyers are willing to pay more for a home, if it means a lifetime of lower maintenance costs and utility expenses.

4. Giving Buyers Confidence

Modern roofing materials can last 25 to 30 years, or even longer if you choose metal panels. Being able to tell buyers that they can expect decades of use out of their roof will give them the confidence to make a higher offer, knowing they won’t face significant roofing repair bills any time soon.


If you’re putting a home up for sale anywhere in East Haven, CT, let the professionals at Carlos Prime LLC Roofing & Maintenance replace the roof and boost your property value. They’ve been serving homeowners throughout the area for over 15 years, offering reliable service at affordable rates. Visit their website for an overview of their services or call (203) 640-8296 to speak with a roofer and request an estimate.

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