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3 Tips for Incorporating Concrete Countertops Into Your Kitchen April 17, 2019

Kalifornsky, Kenai Peninsula
3 Tips for Incorporating Concrete Countertops Into Your Kitchen, Kalifornsky, Alaska

Concrete countertops are durable, eco-friendly fixtures composed of materials including sand and gravel that are becoming an increasingly popular product from concrete contractors. However, given their cost and the wide variety of options that come with installing a concrete countertop, it can be hard to know just what to look for—so here are just a few options.

3 Ideas for Concrete Countertops

1. Think About Location

Concrete countertops fit well in a wide variety of spaces in the home, from an indoor kitchen to an outdoor bar, meaning that you have plenty of options when considering how to fit them into your home’s aesthetic. Concrete countertops can offer a sturdy, visually balanced space for cooking at high heats indoors and in a weather-resilient, rustic space in the outdoors. Alternatively, if the cost of installing a concrete countertop is prohibitive for your budget, you can consult with your concrete contractors about placing it on a sturdy wheeled surface.

2. Consider Different Colors

concrete contractorsConcrete countertops can be stained various tints, from black to grey to white, which can make it easy to coordinate with the color aesthetic in your kitchen. These colored concrete countertops serve as a cool, neutral color in any space, which allows you to design the rest of your kitchen around it—you might opt for a brightly colored lacquer or darker stone look, and your concrete countertop will match well with both.

3.  Play With Shapes

Your concrete contractors can cut and install concrete in a shape that will complement the organization of your kitchen. If you have a more industrial aesthetic, for example, you might want your concrete to be cut at sharp angles that stand out in the room. On the other hand, if you have a more contemporary and free-flowing kitchen, then the concrete can be rounded off to move around more easily. If there’s a large empty space in your kitchen, you can also use concrete countertops in an island.


When you want to install concrete countertops, contact the concrete contractors at Best Transit Mix in Soldotna, AK. With over 35 years of experience, the company’s expert concrete contractors are dedicated to providing high-quality service to commercial and residential clients with products and services including ready-mix concrete, gravel delivery, and stamped concrete. To contact them, call (907) 262-6273 or visit their website.

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