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Guide to Buying Used Car Parts April 16, 2019

Withamsville, Union
Guide to Buying Used Car Parts, Union, Ohio

Purchasing used car parts offers an affordable and environmentally friendly way to fix and upgrade many types of vehicles. However, buying parts isn’t always as easy as ordering the part through a regular mechanic. It’s essential to understand a bit about the buying process to ensure that you’re purchasing high-quality items that suit your needs. Here is a beginner's guide to get started on purchasing used auto parts.

3 Tips for Purchasing Used Auto Parts

Research Sellers

Many people begin their search for used auto parts online. Some websites may seem enticing, but buying in person from an experienced company offers a better likelihood of getting what you want. You’ll get a better feel for the reliability and trustworthiness of the business by speaking with the sellers.

Ask about where they sourced the item and how long it was used for. Learn whether any aesthetic issues affect the parts functioning and what models the item will work with. Some people also check review websites to learn whether past customers were happy with a company's service and inventory.

Consider Paint Colors

used car partsWhen replacing an exterior car part, it’s critical to understand that there are millions of color options. If you have a red car, buying a red part won’t necessarily mean that the hues match. If possible, look for the exact color in the vehicle owner’s manual and then use that information to find an item in the perfect color. Otherwise, you may have to set up custom painting which can increase the cost of the repair.

Bring the VIN

Don’t walk away from a used car parts store with the wrong items. It’s easy to prevent this issue by bringing along the VIN to work with the seller to find the parts you need. This series of numbers and letters indicates the model, type of engine, and transmission – information that can facilitate a successful sale.


Those interested in browsing 20 acres of new and used car parts head to VanDemark Company in Clermont County, OH. Their wide inventory includes items for boats, campers, cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs. Call the Amelia-area company at (513) 797-7278 to learn about their rates, or visit the website to begin a part search and gain information on their in-house repair team with years of industry experience.

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