Wyoming, Ohio

How to Take Care of Your Boiler April 11, 2019

Wyoming, Wyoming
How to Take Care of Your Boiler , Wyoming, Ohio

Water boilers are a popular option for residential heating systems. They operate by heating water and transferring that heat through pipes and radiators. To prolong the life span of this system and avoid the need for boiler repair, start practicing routine maintenance now. Below are a few tips that will help your boiler last for years to come. 

3 Maintenance Tips for Boilers 

1. Check for Potential Problems

Make it a priority to inspect your boiler at least once a month for any signs of wear. If you identify water pooling near the boiler system, this is evidence of a leak so call a technician for boiler repair. Keep the area around your boiler clear of any clutter, as it may present a fire hazard. 

2. Keep the Heating On

boiler repairAvoid turning off your heating system in the winter, as this can increase the risk of frozen pipes. However, you should also run the boiler every once in a while throughout the summer too. This can prevent dust from building up and wearing on the system’s components. 

3. Schedule Professional Maintenance

Schedule an annual inspection with a professional HVAC technician. They will clean all of the unit’s internal components to ensure peak efficiency and maximize the life span of your boiler. They can perform any necessary boiler repairs as they identify problems to prevent costlier bills down the line. 


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