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5 Reasons Glass Railings Are Popular With Homeowners June 26, 2019

Spring Valley, Rockland County
5 Reasons Glass Railings Are Popular With Homeowners, Spring Valley, New York

Glass railings, with or without frames, are beautiful features that also boost safety on your property. Whether you choose one for a staircase or add one to a balcony, this glass installation comes with a host of benefits. Here are the top five to consider.

How Glass Railings Can Benefit Your Property

1. Safety

Full glass panels stop anyone or anything from falling through, and the smooth design prohibits climbing out or in. Since this glass installation is made from durable tempered glass, there is no reason to worry about breaking or cracking. If it does break under extreme impact, the shards are not jagged.

2. Beautiful View

Unlike other fences and railings, a glass railing does not obstruct your view. Frameless designs, in particular, offer a clear picture of your yard or the stunning landscape around your property. Your outdoor space is even more serene when you choose a glass installation.

3. Simple Care

glass installationA quick swipe with a sponge and mild soap will purge dirt, grime, and dust. Even homes with kids and pets will have an easier time maintaining the beauty of the glass, unlike other fences and rails that require regular painting, resealing, and replacement.

4. Customizable & Versatile

From modern to rustic, glass railings complement almost any style, so even if you change your home’s look, the glass will still work. Glass is also highly customizable. You can, for example, opt for an etched design or frosted sections, and if you prefer a slight tint, the color options are extensive.

5. Protection

Glass railings are an effective wind barrier when heavy gusts blow through town. They also block UV rays, which can fade and degrade elements on your property like decks and patios. If you choose a framed design, make sure the material is also UV compatible, such as powder-coated aluminum or iron.


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