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An Introduction to Lawn Aeration April 12, 2019

Saratoga, Wood
An Introduction to Lawn Aeration, Saratoga, Wisconsin

Aerating your lawn helps keep grass strong, lush, and vibrant. It allows water to reach grass roots and promotes the flow of nutrients and air, bringing any dull field back to life. Here is all you need to know about this lawn care treatment and how your home can benefit from it.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

lawn careSoil aeration means puncturing the ground to encourage air, nutrients, and water to penetrate the surface of the grass and reach its roots.

It can be performed with a spike aerator, a solid piercing tool that perforates the soil, or a plug aerator, which removes a small portion, or plug, of soil to air it out. Since spike aerators can compact the soil around the holes they make, most lawn care specialists prefer plug versions.

Do I Need It?

Lawns with high foot traffic, heavy equipment or machinery stationed on them, or in newly-built homes tend to have compacted soil and less-healthy grass. If you notice that your grass dries out quickly and has a spongy feel, aeration can promote the moisture it needs to stay lush. Yards with a dense clay soil or with more than a half-inch of thatch, or the layer of roots and stems between the soil and the grass blades, can also benefit from lawn care that adds extra moisture.

To give your lawn a boost when it most needs it, schedule soil aeration during peak grass-growing season. If your grass type is a cool-season variety, this will be in the early spring or fall, and for warmer-season varieties, it’s later in the spring or early summer.


To schedule soil aeration or other lawn care services to leave your yard looking lush and green, call DCM Landscaping LLC & Total Lawn Care in Nekoosa, WI. Since 1991, this award-winning company has offered landscaping, lot clearing, snow removal, and other outdoor services to give you the lawn you’ve always wanted. Visit them online to learn what they can do for you, or call (715) 325-5548 to discuss your project.

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