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How to Reset Your New Home’s Garage Door Code April 11, 2019

Middletown, Butler
How to Reset Your New Home’s Garage Door Code, Middletown, Ohio

Have you recently purchased a home? In addition to unpacking your belongings and decorating your new space, there are important security measures that need to be taken. While homeowners often know to change their locks and set up an alarm system, many overlook the importance of resetting their garage door code. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to keep you and your family safe with a brand new code.

4 Tips to Reprogram Garage Door Codes

1. Access the Motor

Grab a ladder to reach your garage door motor, which is the box-like object on the interior ceiling of your garage. You’ll need a screwdriver to remove the plastic cover, exposing the motor itself. Don’t forget to ask a buddy to spot you anytime you’re working on a ladder to avoid accidents.

2. Identify the Learn Button

Look for the “Learn” button on the side of your garage door motor. Once you find it, hold down until the small light next to it turns off. This signifies that the device’s memory of your old code has been wiped.

3. Choose Your New Code

garage doorHold down the Learn button on your garage door motor once more until the solid light returns. Walk to your keypad and type in your desired new code. If the Learn changes from solid to blinking, your new code has been recorded successfully.

4. Reprogram Remotes

Now it’s time to gather your garage door remotes for programming as well. Hold down the Learn button again until the solid light returns, then press any button on one of the remotes. If the light begins blinking, you can repeat the process until all of your remotes are up to date.


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