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4 Ways to Get in Shape for Baseball Season April 2, 2019

Madison, Lake
4 Ways to Get in Shape for Baseball Season, Madison, Ohio

With the arrival of spring comes the advent of baseball season. Whether you're an amateur ballplayer or just a fan of the sport, it's also the perfect time to shake off the dust of winter and get into better physical shape. Below are some tips for doing that and a few sporting goods that can support you on your fitness journey.

How to Get in Shape for Baseball Season

1. Run Sprints

Running sprints requires no special sporting goods or equipment, but it does involve thorough warmups. If at all possible, run sprints on a track. Start by jogging one or two laps around the perimeter, then do a variety of dynamic stretches like lunges with twists, high kicks, and lifting knee to chest. Figure out how long you can comfortably sprint, and do the first one at about 70% intensity. Build up to full intensity gradually with each repeated sprint. Rest for a minimum of two minutes between each, and don't forget to cool down.

2. Work on Endurance

Baseball is all about maintaining consistent endurance throughout the game. Brisk walks, jogging, swimming, or even climbing stairs over your lunch hour are all excellent for cultivating endurance. Certain sports are good for endurance training, too; visit your local sporting goods store and pick up a tennis racket or basketball and hit the courts.

3. Improve Flexibility & Strength in the Shoulders

Between pitching and catching, the shoulders are engaged throughout a game of baseball. They need to be both flexible and strong. Start by doing some simple wall extensions. Stand with your back and heels against the wall, and extend your arms straight out to the sides, palms out and flat against the wall. Then, bend your arms to bring the forearms upright; in other words, move the arms into a 90-degree angle. Slowly, raise your arms above your head, keeping them flat against the wall.

4. Go Slowly

sporting goodsAvoid overtraining and pushing yourself too hard. Always start slow with any new fitness regimen. If you haven't been active over the winter, ease back into exercise. To reintroduce physical movement slowly, try yoga. Purchase some yoga blocks and instructional videos from a sporting goods store, and do a little yoga each day. Not only will this prime the body for more intense exercise, but it's ideal for building strength, flexibility, and endurance.


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