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Which Kind of Wood Should You Use for a Fence? April 10, 2019

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Which Kind of Wood Should You Use for a Fence? , Cookeville, Tennessee

Available in an incredible range of styles, colors, and materials, wooden fences can lend a sense of sophistication to your yard while also taking full advantage of eco-friendly materials. There aren’t many ways to be more stylish while protecting your children, pets, and home. Here’s a closer look at the best types of wood to use along with ways you can protect your investment. 

Selecting Wood for a Fence

Which Wood Varieties Are Best?

While you can choose from most forms of natural wood, the most common varieties include pickets made from pine, cedar, redwood, and cypress. Although many people opt for pine because it’s an inexpensive product that resists shrinking, other popular choices include cedar, redwood, and cypress because they’re also naturally insect-resistant. 

Keep in mind that since each of these varieties are considered “softwoods,” they’re more likely to dent and scratch than harder varieties. However, since softwoods grow faster than hardwood trees like maple, oak, and walnut, they tend to be much less expensive. 

How Can You Protect Your Fence?  

fenceWhile selecting the right wood is important for protecting your investment, you can also stain the exterior. Using an oil-based stain will help water to bead off the surface of your fence, protecting the barrier from cracking and warping. 

Keeping your perimeter clean is also important since dirt accumulation and other organic debris can attract insects to your fence. During your yearly yard cleanup, focus on brushing the wood clean with a hand broom, then rinse it down with clean water. 


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