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5 Ways Retailers can Minimize Waste April 4, 2019

Carthage, Cincinnati
5 Ways Retailers can Minimize Waste , Cincinnati, Ohio

Reducing retail waste is a huge step in protecting the planet. From recycling to lowering the amount of paper used, businesses have an array of options to reduce their impact on the environment. Below are five ways retailers can start working toward better habits today.

How to Reduce Waste in Retail Companies

1. Fewer Bags

When customers are checking out, ask them if they want a paper or plastic bag first. Reducing how many bags are used is an easy way to minimize waste. You can also encourage customers to bring their own reusable shopping bags and offer a discount or other incentive for every tote they use.

2. Go Digital

recyclingCoupons, catalogs, and announcements on paper all increase the amount of trash your store produces. Switch to digital materials — not only will you reduce waste, but you will also save money on printing costs. Encourage customers to sign up for emailed discounts and promotions as well as newsletters promoting your products.

3. Recycling Centers

Make sure your retail location has ample recycling bins for employees and customers. Have a separate container for plastic, glass, metal, and cardboard. Consider adding a set of bins just outside your storefront so that even passersby can dispose of items appropriately.

4. Waste Cleanup

Whether your store hosts events for customers or you have frequent staff gatherings, ensure that personnel are disposing of leftovers and trash correctly. Remind them to use your preset recycling centers and consider donating leftover food items to shelters or food banks.

5. Donations

Instead of throwing away damaged or old merchandise, host clearance days where prices are greatly reduced. For anything remaining, donate it to charity. Another way to promote recycling of older items is to offer trade-in or buy-back programs. This is particularly helpful for metal or electronics, which will stop these easily recyclable pieces from getting tossed into the regular trash.

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