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A Guide to Lawn Care for New Homeowners April 17, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
A Guide to Lawn Care for New Homeowners, Cincinnati, Ohio

Moving into a new house is sure to keep you busy. Along with cleaning, arranging furniture, and hanging pictures, there’s plenty to do to make your new space feel like home. While creating a cozy nest inside, don’t forget the outside parts of your property. Here are a few lawn care tips to help you create a lush carpet of grass in front of your doorstep.

Preparing & Planting After Moving In

When getting seeds, choose types that are suited to your region’s weather and type of soil. In the North, cold-weather grasses like Kentucky bluegrass are ideal. In the warmer, southern states, opt for Bermudagrass or Zoysia. 

lawn careTo ensure strong, dense growth, fertilize your lawn to give it the food it needs. Combine fertilization with aeration, which creates tiny holes in the dirt, allowing nutrients, air, and water to penetrate the roots below the surface. 

For an orderly lawn, install edging to keep grass from growing where it shouldn’t. You can use wood, brick, concrete, or even plastic, and mulch or stones can cover the edges and create a more attractive appearance.

Maintaining Your Lawn Care for the Future

You can’t just plant some seeds once after moving into your new home and expect a green oasis. Regular weeding is an essential maintenance task. Fertilizing and aerating is also usually recommended at least twice per year.

How you cut the grass also impacts the growth. Set your mower, so it doesn’t trim more than one-third of the blade. If the grass is too long, sunlight will have trouble reaching smaller blades, but if it’s too short, it will get scorched and turn brown. 


Creating a gorgeous garden takes time—time that you might not always have. Let Nature Plus Lawn & Irrigation in Cincinnati, OH, do the job for you. Get off to a good start with a professional soil analysis, which they offer for free to all new customers. With this information, they can provide the right lawn care measures to create an ideal growing climate. For ongoing maintenance, they offer fertilization, irrigation, and aeration. Visit their website to learn more about their services, and call (513) 755-9434 to schedule an appointment.

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