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The Essential Do’s & Don’ts of a First Date April 2, 2019

Glendale, Milwaukee
The Essential Do’s & Don’ts of a First Date, Glendale, Wisconsin

If you’ve ever had first-date jitters, you know how exciting and nerve-wracking the experience can be. First dates bring the possibility of a new and fulfilling relationship, so everyone wants to make a good impression. To ensure your meetup goes smoothly, there are a few points of dating etiquette to follow. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do on a first date.


Be Authentic

Honesty is a critical element of dating, so answer questions truthfully and be your authentic self. You don’t need to reveal anything that makes you uncomfortable, but present yourself in a way that realistically shows your date what they can expect from you in the future.

Dress to Impress

This doesn’t mean you need to put on your best suit — just make sure you’re dressed for the occasion. For instance, fine dining will require more formal attire, while a picnic calls for stylish casual wear. An appropriate outfit shows your companion you’re taking this date seriously.

Choose Unique Locations

Be open to imaginative date ideas and suggest some of your own. Finding new activities showcases your creativity, interests, and talents from the very beginning. Aim for activities that allow you to chat and get to know each other.


Check Your Phonedating

Leaving phones on the table is an involuntary habit for some, but be conscious of how rude this behavior appears on dates. It’s difficult to maintain a conversation with someone who is constantly checking social media. Avoid the temptation by putting your phone away, and keep it on vibrate or silent.


Remember that while the truth is important, it’s not a good idea to divulge too much information or discuss taboo subjects right away. Steer clear of bringing up your exes, politics, religion, sex, and money. You can broach these topics later, but they are generally considered inappropriate on a first date.

Feel Obligated to Stay

Dating is a process of trial and error, so there’s always a possibility your date won’t go as pleasantly as you hope. Don’t feel obligated to stay if you lose interest at any point during the date. Politely and honestly let your companion know it isn’t working out for you, and then move on.


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