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What All Parents Should Know About School Expulsions April 25, 2019

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What All Parents Should Know About School Expulsions, Torrington, Connecticut

When a child is expelled from school, it’s natural for the parents to feel powerless. Regardless of the circumstances, the student still has rights, and their parents can hire an attorney to help protect them. If your child was recently expelled or is facing expulsion, here’s what you should know about the basic proceedings.

Determining Why Your Child Was Expelled 

Although expulsion is often confused with suspension, they refer to two very different scenarios. When students are suspended, they are not allowed to return for up to 10 days. When students are expelled, they may be barred from their school for up to one year. In other words, expulsion is reserved for only the most serious offenses.

attorneyIn the state of Connecticut, students can be expelled for bringing a deadly weapon onto school grounds or to a school activity, using a deadly weapon to commit a crime, or selling controlled substances. If your child is expelled, you should review what kind of evidence the school has against them so that you can determine how to proceed. 

Attending the Hearing

Students who are expelled have the right to a hearing within 11 school days of being banned. Upon receiving written notice of this proceeding, you should call an attorney. A lawyer can help you and your child prepare for the hearing by reviewing school records, interviewing witnesses, and devising a defense strategy. At every stage, your legal team will make sure no one violates your child’s rights. For example, your team has the right to review all documents that will be submitted as evidence. And once the hearing is underway, you have the right to question all witnesses the school presents. You will also have the opportunity to present your own witnesses and to challenge any other evidence the school presents. 


If your child was recently expelled from a school in Connecticut, turn to an attorney at The Law Offices of Conti, Levy and Salerno, LLC. Based in Litchfield County, this firm is proud to defend the rights of juveniles and to advocate for those who have simply found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Their seasoned criminal defense attorneys have 75 years of combined experience defending those facing all kinds of charges. To learn how a lawyer on their team can help your family, visit their website. To schedule an initial consultation, call (860) 482-4451. 

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