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The Do’s & Don’ts of Weightlifting April 8, 2019

Clearview, Snohomish
The Do’s & Don’ts of Weightlifting, Clearview, Washington

Weightlifting is an essential part of any fitness regimen. Strength training will build muscle, burn fat, boost your metabolism, and make you stronger overall to prevent injury and boost performance. As you get started with a new training plan, you should know a few tricks for superior performance. Following this guide will help you see results without injury.


Correct your form.

Correct posture is essential to avoiding injury. Have a personal trainer or more experienced weightlifter show you the correct form and movement for each exercise. Lift in front of the mirrors in the gym, so you can check your posture as you move. If you are starting to “cheat” on your movements, decrease the weight. You’ll get better results if you use less weight correctly than if you lift improperly.

Rotate your muscle groups.

After you have exercised a muscle group, give it three days of rest before training it again. You can create a rotational schedule to give your muscles the rest they need. Switch off every day between the upper and lower body to ensure proper rest.


Overexert yourself.

strength trainingIt’s tempting to push yourself as hard as you can, thinking it will get you results more quickly. However, this will almost certainly cause injury and hold you back. Start with light weights and build up to heavier strength training. Speak with your doctor before starting any new regimen to determine whether it’s safe for you.

Lift heavy without a spotter.

Lifting heavy can be dangerous. You may suddenly find yourself fatigued, dropping the weight and causing serious injury. Never lift heavy weights without a spotter, who can help you when you need that extra boost. You may want to find a gym buddy who can encourage you to push yourself while spotting for each other.


The right gym will motivate you to get into the weight room and get those results. Life & Elite Fitness CO is a state-of-the-art gym with comprehensive strength training and cardio programs for people of all fitness levels in Snohomish, WA. If you need help getting started, they offer both personal training and group fitness training classes. Learn more about their strength training programs their website, and call (206) 450-0964 with any questions.  

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