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How to Use a Vape & Inhale Properly June 23, 2019

Hilo, Hawaii
How to Use a Vape & Inhale Properly, Hilo, Hawaii

Whether you’re hoping to quit smoking or are simply interested in the phenomenon sweeping the nation, you might be looking into vaping. Since there are many ways to partake in this pastime, learn the basics with the following guide so you can decide if a vape is right for you.

Learning to Vape

First, learn how your vaping mechanism works. If you’ve purchased a starter kit, you may have one of several different models—pod vapes, AIOs, e-cigarettes, and disposables. While some of these are pre-filled and others are refillable, all rely on vape juice to produce the vapor you’ll inhale. If you’re looking to quit smoking, you can choose from those with varying levels of nicotine or those with no nicotine at all. Before attempting to inhale, check your vape’s manual to see if you need to press a power button or simply start sucking.

Primer Puff

vapeBefore using your vape for the first time, you’ll need to prime it with a few, brief inhales, similar to a spray bottle or soap pump. These should last less than a second, and shouldn’t involve any vapor inhalation. You’ll likely only have to do this before the first use, and it will significantly improve the taste and vapor production rate of your e-cig.

The Perfect Inhale

The first time you vape, don’t worry about trying anything fancy—just focus on inhaling the vapor instead of letting it immediately escape. To start, purse your lips around the mouthpiece, making sure there’s no space left in between. For about three to five seconds, slowly inhale, maintaining consistent airflow throughout the draw. As you get more comfortable with the sensation, you can start experimenting with different types of inhaling, such as the mouth-to-lung and direct lung styles.


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