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Should You Choose a Key, Dial, or Digital Lock Safe? April 4, 2019

Daphne, Baldwin
Should You Choose a Key, Dial, or Digital Lock Safe?, Daphne, Alabama

If you need to store something sensitive or valuable, it may be time to hire a commercial locksmith to ensure your documents or other items are secure in a safe. There are many types of locks available, and it can be difficult to choose which is the best fit. Here are three common options that may be a good option for your business.

How to Choose a New Safe Lock

1. Key

lock changesKeys are the most simple lock option and are therefore one of the most affordable. It’s critical to ensure only individuals you trust have access to the safe and that keys are not duplicated. You may want to keep one copy of the key at the store for staff use and another off-site for emergencies in case the other is lost.

2. Dial

Traditional safes feature combination dials that commercial locksmiths can program to a certain set of numbers. It’s essential to remember the code and not write it down in a place where someone with bad intentions could find it. Dial locks are unlikely to fail because of their simple and effective wheels that align to create a specific gap that releases the lock so the door can open. Many businesses rely on this classic style because it is a trustworthy security feature, but it may require a little practice to perfectly turn the dial and gain access to the safe.

3. Digital Biometric Locks

Companies that are securing highly sensitive information or very valuable items may want to have a commercial locksmith install a safe that features biometric sensors. These high-tech options will open only for the fingerprint, handprint, or retina of individuals with appropriate clearance. Even if an intruder can find this safe, they won’t be able to open it as no code or key will work. It’s important to note that these locks won’t work if their power source runs out like during an electrical outage or a battery failure. If that is a security concern, you may want to select a different safe lock.


If you need a commercial locksmith, contact Southern Safe and Lock in Baldwin County, AL. The Daphne-based company has been in business for over 25 years offering security solutions like key control systems, lockout services, and deadbolt installation. Call (251) 333-1166 or visit the website for information on their rekeying, window burglar bars, door viewers, and reinforcements to make your home or business as secure as possible.