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3 Places in Basements That Are Prone to Leaks April 11, 2019

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3 Places in Basements That Are Prone to Leaks, Norwood, Ohio

With spring showers just around the corner, it’s time to locate weak spots in your basement that are prone to water damage and flooding. Because basements are the foundation of your home, they must be inspected so you can schedule repairs when necessary. Below is a comprehensive overview of the main types of leaky basements and how to address them. 

3 Sources of a Leaky Basement

1. Floor Cracks

Water is always present in the ground, but the level of water, known as the water table, depends on your location and whether you live close to a body of water. As the water rises, the moisture must find somewhere to go, and this hydrostatic pressure on your home’s foundation may result in floor cracks. When water rises again, it can seep through the cracks in the floor and cause flooding. Repairing cracks with a sealant is an effective way to minimize this damage.   

2. Wall Cracks

leaky basementWhen water pools in the soil around your foundation, this can place lateral pressure on your home. Eventually, it can cause cracks to appear in the walls. Filling these cracks with sealant as soon as they appear will prevent water from seeping in through the walls.  

3. Cove Joint

The cove joint is the area of your basement where the walls meet the floor. When hydrostatic pressure increases due to rising water tables, water can enter your basement through the cove joint. A basement waterproofing contractor can install a French drain to solve this leaky basement issue — it’s designed to collect and redirect water as it seeps in.


If you’re dealing with a leaky basement, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Reliable Crack Injection in Norwood, OH. This locally owned company specializes in basement waterproofing services by using epoxy and polyurethane foam to repair and fill cracks in the walls and floors. They are known for their competitive pricing and exceptional craftsmanship. Call (513) 368-4366 today to schedule an appointment for your leaky basement. For more information about their services, visit their website.

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