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3 Tips for Staying Motivated During Physical Therapy April 8, 2019

3 Tips for Staying Motivated During Physical Therapy, ,

Whether you had a recent surgery or injured yourself in a sport, the rehabilitation stage can be a frustrating time. Physical therapy will help you to regain your strength, range of motion, and return you to your active lifestyle. However, consistency is key for a full recovery. Therefore, every time you feel discouraged, turn to the advice below.

Ways to Feel Encouraged During Physical Therapy

1. Set Milestone Goals

Rehabilitation takes time—and often feels like it takes even longer. To prevent yourself from losing faith, set small but realistic milestone goals that can be measured, so you never lose sight of the progress you’ve made. Then find ways to celebrate these small victories.

2. Find a Friend or Partner

Befriend other patients at your rehabilitation center. Having a buddy or workout partner to hold you accountable can help you stay motivated and make the therapy sessions go by more quickly. It can also be a healthy competitive relationship that will keep you both focused on the end goals. 

3. Communicate

physical therapyBring any concerns you may have to your physical therapist. After all, they’ve helped countless patients, who have likely encountered the same walls you are now facing. Ask about exercises you can do at home to supplement your PT program or—if you already have a prescribed regimen—strive to understand how each activity is helping you get better. 


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