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4 Common Causes of Spring Car Accidents April 4, 2019

Norwalk, Fairfield County
4 Common Causes of Spring Car Accidents, Norwalk, Connecticut

Spring brings beautiful, bright sunny days and pleasant temperatures, making it the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, springtime can also mean an increase in vehicle accidents. Below are a few common reasons behind collisions and trips to the body shop.

What Causes Spring Car Accidents?

1. Spring Showers

Spring showers bring spring flowers, but all that rain will leave behind slippery roads and obstructed visibility. When roads are flooded with rainwater, tires have a harder time gaining traction, which can lead to hydroplaning and a potential collision with other cars or guardrails. Replace windshield wiper blades to improve visibility, and switch from winter to all-season tires that provide better traction on slick roads.

2. Winter’s Remnants

body shopAll that snow, slush, and ice during winter will leave behind roads filled with cracks and potholes. As spring rains begin, more moisture in these weakened areas will only make road damage worse until asphalt is repaved. Driving over potholes will not only damage your car, but it may also cause you to bump into other vehicles as you drive over or swerve to avoid them. Approach potholes slowly when going around them is impossible, and keep your hands firmly on the wheel. Check your vehicle for any damage later. 

3. Cyclists

The fresh spring weather draws out the bicyclists. While some will stay on the sidewalk, many prefer riding their bike in the street with traffic. Unfortunately, many drivers have trouble seeing riders and cyclists get too close to oncoming cars, which can lead to a collision, damage, and injuries. Drive slowly when passing riders, as this will give you time to avoid a collision. Also, check for oncoming cyclists before opening the car door on busy streets.

4. Increased Traffic

The nice weather inevitably draws out more drivers, whether they’re on road trips or just going for a drive in the sunshine. When traffic volume increases, so do the chances of an accident and a trip to the body shop. Practice good driving habits and always leave early. You’re less likely to crash if you’re not rushing.


If you find yourself in need of collision repair this spring, trust the experts at Valiante Auto Body. Located in Norwalk, CT, the body shop’s team brings more than a century of combined experience to every car repair or paint job in their care. Their technicians can service both domestic and foreign models no matter the year they were created. They are also proficient at matching your vehicle’s color perfectly in their auto paint shop. For an estimate, call the body shop at (203) 847-3043 or visit their website for their gallery of work.

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