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5 Steps for Cleaning Your Apartment When Moving Out April 17, 2019

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5 Steps for Cleaning Your Apartment When Moving Out, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Moving into a rental unit means putting down a deposit, which is usually returned if you leave the place damage-free and clean. While it’s easy to get wrapped up in the stress of packing, taking the time to thoroughly clean up before the apartment management’s inspection can maximize your chances of getting your entire deposit back.

5 Cleaning Tips for Moving Out

1. Do the Basics

apartment managementOnce you’ve got all your stuff boxed up and the furniture out, your apartment might seem dirtier than you imagined. Start with the basic cleaning you usually do: vacuum the floors, wipe off the kitchen counters, and sweep.

2. Dust All the Neglected Areas

Over time, dust accumulates in places you might not ever notice, like on top of ceiling fans and window frames. Get a stepladder and thoroughly dust all these hard-to-reach areas, including the corners of rooms and the tops of kitchen cabinets.

3. Deep Clean your Carpets

Most apartment management companies expect tenants to leave the apartment in the condition it was when you moved in. Your carpets were clean when you moved in, so be sure they are clean when you move out. Use a professional cleaning service or a rented DIY machine from your local superstore.

4. Scrub the Grout

Grout between bathroom tiles attracts muck and grime, no matter how often you clean. Tackling the grout with a baking soda solution and a small brush will make the whole bathroom shine.

5. Clean the Appliances

You may not notice how dirty refrigerators can get until yours is empty, and your stove may be full of crumbs you never noticed before. The apartment management company will certainly check the appliances, so take out shelves, scrub behind drawers, and run the self-clean cycle on the oven after you have wiped out the burnt food crumbs. Don’t forget to pull out the appliances from the wall and sweep and mop behind them.


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