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3 Tips for Keeping Glass Shower Doors Consistently Clean June 17, 2019

Spring Valley, Rockland County
3 Tips for Keeping Glass Shower Doors Consistently Clean, Spring Valley, New York

Glass shower doors lend any bathroom an open, breezy, and contemporary feel. But it's no secret that glass doors need regular attention to maintain their sparkle. Here are three tips for keeping your glass shower doors clean, sanitary, and looking like new.

How to Clean Glass Shower Doors

1. Squeegee Daily

It may at first feel like a lot of extra work to wipe down the shower after each use, but by making it part of your normal showering routine, the habit will soon become second nature. Keep a squeegee handy, and after you take a shower, run it along the walls and doors. This prevents soap scum from building up and water drops from staining the glass. Don't worry about being meticulous here; a few, quick swipes of the squeegee are all that's necessary.

2. Restore Shine With Lemon Pledge®

shower doors Yes, the same Lemon Pledge you use on wood surfaces is an excellent glass cleaner for shower doors. Spray a thin layer over the door, let it sit for 20 minutes, then wipe it off before spraying the door down and squeegeeing. Pledge cuts through grime and dried water droplets with ease. Plus, the pleasant citrus scent makes your bathroom smell great.

3. Prevent Water Spots With Rain-X®

Rain-X is a synthetic hydrophobic glass treatment spray that prevents water from sticking to surfaces. It is most often used on car windows, but it can be used on glass shower doors as well. After cleaning the shower doors as you normally would, spray on some Rain-X and wipe it into the doors until dry. Water will be less prone to adhering to and beading on the glass surface, so spots won't be an issue. Even better, you don't need to constantly reapply Rain-X; one treatment should last about three months.


Bright, spotless shower doors can transform the look of any bathroom. Monsey Glass offers glass installation to the Spring Valley, NY, area, including Rockland, Orange, and Westchester counties, as well as New York City. In addition to glass shower doors, they provide window replacements, mirrored walls, tabletop glass, and more. Call (845) 352-2200 or visit them online to schedule a free in-house estimate.

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