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Alleviate Your Back Pain With These 3 Stretches April 12, 2019

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Alleviate Your Back Pain With These 3 Stretches, Anchorage, Alaska

Chronic back pain can get in the way of everyday tasks and even prevent you from doing activities you love. It can be a result of a physical injury, medical condition, or even prolonged sitting, but managing it doesn’t have to involve surgery or heavy medications. Performing simple exercises at home on a regular basis can help you achieve some relief and even prevent future strain. Here are a couple of stretching exercises that can alleviate your back pain.

Stretching Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

1. Seated Twist Stretches

Keeping a slouched posture while sitting tightens your muscles, often resulting in back pain and a decrease in your range of motion.

To loosen your back muscles, sit up straight on a chair while keeping your shoulder blades together, then twist as far as you can to one side, holding the position for at least 20 seconds before releasing. Repeat this stretch about 4 times on each side.

2. Hamstring Stretches

Back PainSitting for prolonged periods of time, especially in a slouched position, can also take a toll on your hamstring muscles. If these are stiff, they put stress on your back when you bend and lift, causing pain and discomfort.

To stretch your hamstrings, sit on the floor with one leg bent and the other stretched in front of you. Ensuring your back remains as flat as possible, reach for your toes while keeping your leg straight. Hold the position for 10 seconds, then repeat it 5 times on each side.

3. Cat-Camel Back Stretches

Cat-camel back exercises both stretch your muscles to relieve pressure on the spine and discs and build up the strength of your back to help prevent pain from occurring in the first place.

To perform this exercise, crouch on all fours and arch your back like a cat. Hold the position for 5 seconds before releasing, then repeat it in sets of 10.


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