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The Dangers of Overwatering Your Lawn April 10, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
The Dangers of Overwatering Your Lawn, Cincinnati, Ohio

Your lawn needs water to grow, but too much moisture will do more harm than good, increasing the risk of pests and diseases. When grass blades are always wet, for instance, they become more susceptible to harmful fungal growth. Here’s what you should know about proper lawn care and how to water appropriately.

What Are the Signs of Overwatering?

Check your lawn for thatch—a dense layer of partially decomposed plant material at the soil’s surface. Overwatering flushes away the microorganisms that normally break this down. Thatch impedes healthy growth by blocking sunlight and keeping nutrients from reaching the plants’ roots.

Certain weeds, such as smooth crabgrass and yellow nutsedge, are also a sign of excessive watering, and pests like white grubs and June beetles will be attracted to an overly wet lawn. Finally, if the ground feels spongy under your feet, you can be sure you’ve watered too much.

How Much Should You Water?

lawn careThe right amount of water depends on the type of grass you have. Warm-season options like Bermudagrass need about a half-inch of water every one to three weeks, while cool-season varieties like Kentucky bluegrass need to be tended to every four to five days.

Your local climate and rainfall also play a role, as does the health of the soil your grass is growing in. For instance, if you haven’t aerated recently and the dirt is extremely compact, water will have a difficult time even penetrating the surface. Hire a lawn care professional to aerate your yard and advise on how frequently you should water.


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