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5 Advantages of Outsourcing Your IT Project Management April 9, 2019

East Northport, Suffolk County
5 Advantages of Outsourcing Your IT Project Management, East Northport, New York

As your company grows and expands, you will require tech initiatives to improve operations. But rather than assign a manager from within, consider outsourcing the project and its implementation to a trusted IT service provider. They offer a full range of tech support for your business, whether it’s for a one-off project like website development, or a long-term solution like network management. Here are five benefits to making the move.  

Why Small Businesses Should Outsource Project Management

1. Cost-Effective

Often, small- and medium-sized businesses find it cost-prohibitive to invest in IT infrastructures, not knowing there are better alternatives available. Providers of managed IT services offer various solutions that can be tailored to your business needs and budget. They will also oversee the implementation from start to finish, ensuring everything is up to par before handing the reins to you.

2. Level of Experience & Expertise

IT servicesMost SMBs typically have a lean workforce, which means they do not have dedicated or experienced staff for project management and IT services. Rather than train your internal team, it’s a business-savvy move to have it sourced. Project management requires specialized knowledge, competence, and skill that allow external managers to assess the situation and balance multiple resources.

3. Objectivity & Focus

Independent project managers tend to be objective when it comes to planning and executing an initiative. This quality can be hard to find in internal staff. By doing away with office politics and company-related issues, they focus on things that can be controlled to achieve defined targets.

4. Improved Reliability

Since IT service providers work based on agreed deliverables and expectations, they are more inclined to meet goals and maintain reliable service consistently. They address issues and downtimes at the onset and try to effectively resolve these at the shortest possible period to prevent bigger problems down the road.

5. Better Security

External project managers know the risks involved with tech initiatives, so they take steps to ensure that data and systems are secure at all times. Although they have access to your company’s sensitive information, they ensure accountability with data breaches and leaks by having policies in place.


When dealing with unfamiliar tech initiatives, it’s better to partner with a trusted IT service provider. Based in Suffolk County, NY, Network Solutions & Technology has a team of trained IT consultants that delivers an extensive range of services and solutions—from tech support and cybersecurity to app development and cloud computing. Call (877) 678-8080 today or visit them online to learn more about their project management services.

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