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3 Tips on Avoiding Phishing Scams April 3, 2019

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3 Tips on Avoiding Phishing Scams, Jacksonville, Florida

As a company owner, you deal with emails throughout the day—and sometimes even into the night. While most messages are harmless business dealings, you should use caution when opening files or clicking links. Phishing scams start with emails from seemingly legitimate sources, such as a business loan or financing company, asking you to click a link or provide sensitive information. From there, the sender can attempt to access your bank account or steal customer identities. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid these scams.

How Can My Business Avoid Common Phishing Scams?

1. Look Over Hyperlinks

Phishing emails often include multiple links in an effort to entice the recipient. If you look closely at link addresses something might seem off. For example, the name of the business loan company you’re supposedly interacting with may read differently or have extra characters in the name. Instead of clicking on links, go directly to the company website and make your inquiry from there.

2. Make Sure It’s a Secure Site

business loanIt’s fairly easy to determine whether you’re on a secure site. Just look at the web address for “https,” as the S indicates the site is secure. If you receive a message about malicious files, do not proceed to the site. Use of antivirus software is key in this case, as it will alert you to any potential issues with security.

3. Check Your Accounts & Statements

Regularly checking bank accounts and other financial statements allows you to pinpoint suspicious purchases immediately. If you see a purchase you don’t remember, contact your bank immediately to take steps to secure your account. You should also change your passwords frequently and make sure the ones you select are secure, i.e., they contain at least twelve characters, including numbers, lower and uppercase letters, and special characters.


K-WAM Financial Solutions knows that cyber threats can harm your enterprise. That’s why these business loan providers take all necessary steps to ensure client information remains secure and all correspondence is clearly trustworthy. They offer a wide range of services, including equipment leasing, term loans, revolving lines of credit, factoring, and asset-based lending options. Financing is key for most business owners to see continued growth, and the right lending partner will allow you to remain secure and confident in the path you take. Call (904) 220-2567 today to learn more about your business loan options in Jacksonville, FL. You can also visit the website to see the full listing of services.

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